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The Collection: ReCreation by Flora Dezeta

ReCreation... a collection to go back to our bases and recreate our relationship with ourselves from a re-comforting vision. A place where we can reconnect with harmony and flexibility while we walk our paths, feeling great about who we are. Spandex to shape the bodies, the curves and make us feel re-comforted; chiffon to give us space and the feeling of being light while we walk; all in conjunction with prints that represent a strong and sensitive woman. Unique designs and a more relaxed reconciliation, where we can reflect a lighter freedom of the self.

-- Special and huge thanks to Tom Shepherd -- Photography&Video: Tom Shepherd - @tomoiis - Models: Zoe - @zo3anner // Kayt - @verticallines Location: Skylab Studio - Astra - - @skylabstudiocamden MakeUp&Hair: Aga Drozdowska - - @aga_makeupartist

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